Where is Jared Chavis?

By Naptime Nancy Nineteen year old Jared Chavis had joined the the Air Force after graduating high school in Louisiana. However, he decided that the Air Force was not the career path that he wanted to take, so he requested to be discharged. The mother of his unborn child was also serving in the Air Read more about Where is Jared Chavis?[…]

The Disappearance of Douglas Legg

By Elise Haley AKA Crime Shark Douglas Legg, also known as “Dougie,” disappeared when he was 8 years old near Newcomb, NY in the Adirondack Mountains.  Legg was a grandson of the Melvin family that owned the Santanoni Estate (now known as the Santanoni Preserve). Saturday afternoon on July 10, 1971, Dougie was going on Read more about The Disappearance of Douglas Legg[…]

The Waverly Three

By Morgan Waverly is a small, upper-middle class town in northeast Iowa. On June 13th, 1971, the first murder of what is now referred to as the Waverly Three is committed. Valerie Klossowsky, age 14, goes to the pool with a friend and never comes home. Her body was found nude from the waist down, Read more about The Waverly Three[…]

Help Catch An Oregon Serial Killer

By Naptime Nancy Eugene Police estimate that 62 year old Gladys May Hensley was attacked sometime early on June 4th, 1986. Her body was found in her ground floor High Street apartment on June 5th after not having been seen out and about within her senior living complex. She had been sexually assaulted and murdered. Read more about Help Catch An Oregon Serial Killer[…]

Help Identify Patricia Lee Kuzara’s Killer

By Naptime Nancy Little seven year old Patty Lee Kuzara was having too much fun at her babysitter’s home to leave when her mother tried to pick her up. Patty had been relentlessly bullied at school that year, so she undoubtedly didn’t want the fun that Saturday evening to end. Frustrated and distraught from losing Read more about Help Identify Patricia Lee Kuzara’s Killer[…]

The Murder of Ernest “Bobby” Crawford

By Elise Haley It was the Christmas season, a time to get together with friends and family, a time for cheer. 30 year old Ernest “Bobby” Crawford Jr traveled from NYC to Buffalo NY with his wife and 3 children.  Crawford was originally from Buffalo but had been living in NYC where he worked as Read more about The Murder of Ernest “Bobby” Crawford[…]

The Right Man: Retired Cleveland engineer recounts deathbed confession claiming coverup in Marylin Sheppard case.

Sixty-four years after Marylin Sheppard was bludgeoned to death in Bay Village, Ohio, a conspiracy to protect the killer may have finally been revealed… over breakfast at First Watch in Rocky River. Across from me is James Pugsley, 75, retired. He works at Ace Hardware down the street. But for many years he was an Read more about The Right Man: Retired Cleveland engineer recounts deathbed confession claiming coverup in Marylin Sheppard case.[…]

What Happened To Raelene Eaton & Yvonne Waters?

By Sassa Rooney Raelene Eaton and Yvonne Waters decided to go out one Sunday afternoon in 1974 to see a band play at a local hotel, a decision that would change both of their lives and their families forever. The pair, cousins, were good friends and often went to see live music together.  LAST SEEN: Read more about What Happened To Raelene Eaton & Yvonne Waters?[…]

Who Murdered The Math Teacher?

Written by Naptime Nancy  On Saturday night, November 29th, 1980, Faye Dollar tucked her four year old and nine year old sons into bed. They recalled that their mother wore a red dress when she said goodnight. By Sunday morning, the boys awoke to discover that their mother and her gold 1972 Monte Carlo were Read more about Who Murdered The Math Teacher?[…]

The Murder of Barry Kirk Pinder

Written by Naptime Nancy  Barry Kirk Pinder grew up in Maitland, FL, and graduated Winter Park High School in 1971. By age 21, he had moved cross country to San Diego, CA. He decided to take his motorcycle for a trip north and wound up camping at MacKerricher State Park, north of Fort Bragg in Read more about The Murder of Barry Kirk Pinder[…]