The Unsolved Death of Jonathan Luna

By Flavio Sette Jonathan Luna, a 38-year-old assistant U.S. attorney, left his office at the Federal District Court Building in Baltimore, Maryland on December the 3rd, 2003, and was never seen alive again. The following day, Luna’s car would be found in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, teetering on the edge of a creek’s bank. The car’s fender, driver’s side door and driver’s seat were covered Read more about The Unsolved Death of Jonathan Luna[…]

What Really Happened To Annie McCann?

By Samantha Annie McCann was a sixteen year old high school junior, residing with her parents in Alexandria, VA. She was struggling from depression, as reported by family. Annie was more interested in staying home with her dog, or shooting hoops rather than partaking in “typical” 16 year old social events. Recently obtaining her drivers license, Annie Read more about What Really Happened To Annie McCann?[…]