The Disappearance of Sam Jonathan Davis

Written by Sassa Rooney                                              

Sam Jonathan Davis was 25 years old at the time of this disappearance on June 29th 2018 in Charlotte, NC, but has since turned 26. His birthday has come and gone without sight of the 5’11, 150lb young man. He has striking blue eyes and longer, brown hair that he wears pulled up or underneath a baseball cap. Sam sometimes appears clean shaven but usually has short facial hair. He used to wear large gage-earrings which would’ve left his piercings stretched out. Sam has a number of tattoos that can aid in his identification. They include a Nintendo game cube logo, a quote from Zelda, and images from Zelda among other.


IF YOU SEE SAM, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY! The police would rather you be wrong than have missed an opportunity.

IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION REGARDING THIS CASE, PLEASE CONTACT: Detective Gaskin 704-353-0890, The Families Private Investigator, Kevin Ryan 610-592-4262 or Crime Stoppers (can remain anonymous) 704-334-1600

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