Who Is Responsible For the Death of Connie Jo Choate Bodensteiner?

By: Sammy Keyes*

​On August 8, 1995, 24 year old mother Connie Jo Choate Bodensteiner was found dead via ligature strangulation in an apartment storage space located in Des Moines, Iowa.  Since her death, much discussion has arisen regarding the coverage of those who go missing both in media and in law enforcement and if it correlates with economic status. Furthermore, Connie and another woman who likely knew Connie found dead the day after, are just two of MULTIPLE victims of a set of men who have been running the city of Des Moines for decades. With the help of those who can be proven corrupt in the law enforcement community, these men have been terrorizing, trafficking, abusing, raping, selling, and killing these women left and right and continue to do so with few to no repercussions regarding the deaths of women who have been denied the media spotlight and voices deserved to help put them to rest. In the article linked, I have used first hand information given by the family of Connie Jo, their informants and assistants who’ve gathered and submitted information through the years in hopes of finding the responsible parties, to show the state of Iowa and the nation overall just what has been and continues to happen in such an unassuming place within our heartland. 

​This Case of the Day submission is produced with the support of the Choate family, multiple friends and supporters via the facebook group “Justice for Connie Jo Choate Bodensteiner.” This story stands to gain only positive assistance as the family would ideally love some form of justice, but more importantly to prevent more women from becoming entangled in a system that takes away all of their rights as humans, and hopefully to locate the son Connie never had a chance to truly love the way she wanted to. 

**If you have any information regarding the death of Connie Jo Choate Bodensteiner, please contact the police department of Des Moines, IA at (515) 283-4864, or you can reach someone who can assist at the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation at 515-725-6010.  All tips can be submitted confidentially and anonymously.


**Sammy Keyes’ full article

Iowa Cold Cases

Sioux City Journal

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