A Son Searching For His Mother’s Killer: The Unsolved Murder of Anita Taylor

By Carolyn Berardino

Anita Taylor, photo courtesy of the Cincinnati Enquirer

Aaron Taylor was only 18 months old when he witnessed his mother’s brutal murder in October of 1966 in Springfield, Ohio. He was also beaten, left in his crib with bruises and a broken leg. He doesn’t remember the attacks, telling the Journal News that he even tried hypnotherapy to retrieve any memories, but it was unsuccessful.

As Aaron details on his website dedicated to his mother’s case, his parents were high school sweethearts, one of three couples in their graduating class of 1964 at Southeastern High to get married.

The young couple would welcome their son in April 1965. They moved into a 2-bedroom house in Springfield, and Anita got a job at Springfield Finance. After work one evening, on the night of October 28, 1966, Anita was home doing laundry with her toddler by her side, while her husband Larry Taylor was at work. At some point, someone entered the home, which would later show no signs of forced entry.

Larry returned home from work in the early morning hours and found his wife, who had been raped and beaten, bleeding and struggling to breathe, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. Her clothes were ripped, and she had a shoe print on her neck. 21-year-old Larry Taylor ran for help immediately, but Anita died on the way to the hospital, drowning in her own blood.

The Cincinnati Enquirer notes that police lifted fingerprints, the shoe print, and 27 packages full of evidence. Larry took a lie detector test and passed, and he would later be eliminated as a suspect with DNA testing. Larry died in a motorcycle accident in 1978, leaving Aaron to be raised by his maternal grandparents.

Aaron Taylor was left an orphan at the age of 13. He has spent all of these passing decades fighting for justice for his mother.

The case is now being reinvestigated by the Ohio Attorney General’s Cold Case Unit.

Anyone with any information on this case should submit a tip here.

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