Abducted: Christopher Dansby & Shane Walker

Missing Children: Christopher Milton Dansby & Shane Anthony Walker

By Naptime Nancy

Christopher as a baby & age progressed.

Christopher Milton Dansby was just two years old when he was abducted. On May 18th, 1989, Christopher’s mother left her son in the care of relatives at Martin Luther King Jr. Towers park in Harlem, NY, while she walked to the store. When she came back, her son was gone. Christopher was last seen playing with a red ball that was not his. He and the ball vanished the moment the relatives left to look after Christopher glanced away from his direction. Christopher has a birthmark on his back in the shape of an “8” and a burn mark on his thigh.

Shane Anthony Walker was only 20 months old when he was abducted just a few months later on August, 10, 1989. He was taken from the same park, on a Thursday evening, just like Christopher Dansby. Shane’s mother was seated on a park bench watching her son play, when a man came up to her and began talking to her. His distraction was successful because Shane was taken in that small amount of time. The abductions of Christopher Dansby and Shane Walker are believed to be related. Below is a composite sketch of a man believed to have been seen walking with Christopher Dansby, as witnessed by a seven year old child shortly after Christopher’s abduction. If you have any information please contact New York Housing Police Department at 212-876-7100. 

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