April 23, 2018


Are killers born or are they made? Does everyone have the capacity to commit murder? Why is true crime so popular today?

The Philosophy of Crime tackles the biggest questions about unsolved mysteries by looking to classical philosophy for answers.

The host, James Renner, is a true crime writer and author. His most recent book, True Crime Addict, covers his investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Maura Murray. His work has appeared in The Best American Crime Reporting and Best American Creative Nonfiction collections. He has contributed articles to Cracked.com, Boing Boing, and BookRiot as well.

Music and Audio Wizardry is provided by William Manke. Manke is a sculptor, craftsman and game designer living in Colorado. He looks at games not only as entertainment, but as a canvas. Manke earned his BFA in sculpture, digging into sound art, kinetic sculpture and design. He began exploring game-making when a fellow artist challenged him to make a wooden pinball machine – which he did.

Check out his creations at www.boxwoodpinball.com
His art and sound work can be found at wmanke.weebly.com