Brandon Cartellone’s Killers Are Still Out There

By Naptime Nancy

On July 26th, 2011, twenty one year old Brandon Cartellone’s bright future as an up and coming artist was stolen from him. Around 1:30AM, Brandon’s girlfriend opened the unlocked door to his Tremont apartment to find him bound to a chair, beaten and strangled. Brandon’s mother Lynn Cartellone would get the gut wrenching news about her baby boy just a few hours later.

Inside the apartment police found cash and equipment for growing marijuana. Brandon worked multiple jobs to pay his way through college at the Cleveland Institute of Art. One way he paid the bills, was selling marijuana. Brandon’s neighbors witnessed him arguing with a group of men at his doorstep the day prior and took this information to the police. No one deserves the nightmare that Brandon had endured. Nor should his mother have to mourn her child and scream from the rooftops for justice. Lynn Cartellone has worked every day since to see that her son’s case is not forgotten and that he revives justice.

This July will mark eight years since Brandon was slain. Who will clear their conscience and come forward at long last with the information needed to solve this case? Please do the right thing and turn tips into Crimestoppers 216-252-7463.


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