Beyond Her Years: The Murder of Suzanne Jovin

By: Sammy Keyes Unseasonably warm it was, early December 1998 for Yale’s campus in New Haven, Connecticut. Senior Political Science major, Suzanne Jovin, was just coming back from a pizza party she had organized for the local chapter of Best Buddies. Best Buddies is a program for those with special needs, which pairs them up Read more about Beyond Her Years: The Murder of Suzanne Jovin[…]

A Mother’s Fight For Justice: The Unsolved Case of Kyle Byrtus

By Carolyn Berardino 25-year-old Kyle Byrtus’s body was found in a Lehigh Acres field on the outskirts of Fort Myers, Florida in Lee County on August 15, 2013. He had been shot, and his murder remains unsolved. I had the pleasure of speaking with his mom, Lynne Kreger, on the phone to hear Kyle’s story Read more about A Mother’s Fight For Justice: The Unsolved Case of Kyle Byrtus[…]

Popular Executive’s Brutal Murder Still Unsolved Since 2008

By Carolyn Berardino On the stormy Saturday evening of March 8, 2008, 55-year-old Gary Redner was hanging out at Ganly’s Pub and Restaurant, just 1/4 mile from his home in Lower Heidelberg Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, according to WFMZ-TV 69. Gary was the executive vice president of his family’s business, Redner’s Warehouse Markets, a popular Read more about Popular Executive’s Brutal Murder Still Unsolved Since 2008[…]

Update: The Unsolved Murder of Brad Bellino; Forensic Genealogy Testing Continues

By Carolyn Berardino Law enforcement continues to pair forensic genealogy and good old-fashioned police work to search for the person responsible for the 1972 murder of 12-year-old Brad Bellino in Boardman. The middle-schooler disappeared during Easter break while walking home from a friend’s house the night of Friday, March 31st. His body was found four Read more about Update: The Unsolved Murder of Brad Bellino; Forensic Genealogy Testing Continues[…]

The Abduction & Murder of Amber Hagerman

By Elise Haley AKA Crime Shark It was a warm winter day on January 13, 1996 in Arlington, Texas.  Amber Hagerman, 9, and her brother Ricky, 5, wanted to take advantage of the weather and ride their bikes.  They rode their bikes to an abandoned grocery store parking lot. After a while Ricky wanted to go Read more about The Abduction & Murder of Amber Hagerman[…]

Where Is Mary Denise Lands?

By Naptime Nancy It was Sunday, March 14th, 2004, when the parents of 39 year old Mary Denise Lands’ received a call from her boyfriend, Christopher Pratt, that he had not seen or heard from her since around 10PM on Friday, March 12th. Pratt claims he and Mary got into an argument and she took Read more about Where Is Mary Denise Lands?[…]

The Boy In The Blue Box

By Naptime Nancy On March 9th, 1976, the skeletal remains of a child were found inside a blue storage chest in the basement of an apartment complex off of Winston Drive in Greece, New York. The little one was still in a diaper and pale blue pajamas with a deer on the left breast and Read more about The Boy In The Blue Box[…]

The Disappearance of Manouchehr “Mike” Nafar

By Naptime Nancy Twenty five year old Manouchehr Nafar, who went by Mike, had overslept and missed his Thursday morning classes at Wichita State University on February 24th, 1983. Mike had spent the night at his girlfriend’s house, so he headed back to his SE Wichita home to change before spending the time from his Read more about The Disappearance of Manouchehr “Mike” Nafar[…]

Missing: Karen Denise Wells

By Naptime Nancy Twenty three year old Karen Denise Wells of Haskell, OK, wanted to be there for her childhood friend who lived in New Jersey. So on April 10th, 1994, she dropped her young son off at her parents home, rented a 1994 white Plymouth Acclaim in Tulsa, OK, and headed for New Jersey. Read more about Missing: Karen Denise Wells[…]