The Murders of Holly Piirainen and Molly Bish

Written by Naptime Nancy 

Ten year old Holly Piirainen 

Ten year old Holly Piirainen and her brother were visiting their grandparents home in Grafton, Massachusetts, in August 5th, 1993. The siblings heard their grandparents’ neighbors had a litter of puppies so they went over to play. Holly’s brother managed to make it back to their grandparents home safely, but the only trace of Holly upon searching was one of her shoes left on the side of the road. Tragically, two months later on October 23rd, hunters would find Holly’s body in Brimfield, MA. Holly’s death was ruled a homicide. A young girl the same age as Holly at the time, wrote a letter to Holly’s family in hopes that she would be found. That girl, was Molly Bish. 

Sixteen year old Molly Bish.

Years passed and sixteen year old Molly Bish began working as a lifeguard for Comins Pond in Warren, MA, in the summer of 2000. On June 27th, 2000, Molly’s mother dropped her off for work at Comins Pond, but was informed that her daughter had never reported for duty that day. Molly’s mother would later tell police that a seemingly suspicious man with a mustache in a white car was parked in Comin Pond’s parking lot the day before Molly disappeared. Witnesses the day Molly Bish went missing would report a similar description of a man to law enforcement, whom parked in a cemetery that connected to Comins Pond by a pathway. It wasn’t until June 9th of 2003 that Molly’s body would be discovered on Whiskey Hill, a hunting area on Palmer, MA.

There have been many suspects named in this case, but no confirmed DNA matches. Here are links to both girls’ cases for more information:

If you have any information regarding these cases, please contact Massachusetts State Police at 1-800-808-9677

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