Help Identify Garfield Heights John Doe: Have You Seen This Note?

By Carolyn Berardino

Photo courtesy of the Ohio Attorney General

Children playing at 4954 East 81st St in Garfield Heights, Ohio found the skeletal remains of a black male on September 11, 1991. According to the Ohio Attorney General, the note above was discovered inside his shoe. It reads, “We can’t wait to see you! Love Cynthia and Boo Boo.”

It was determined the man was between 18 and 21 years old. He was also wearing a red T-shirt with Levi jeans and a belt, tan boxer shorts, and Nike sneakers. According to the Doe Network, he was between 5’6″ and 5’8″, and he could have died anywhere between a week and several months before his body was discovered.

DNA and dentals are available for comparison. If you have any information on the identity of John Doe #1963, please submit your tip here.

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