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By Naptime Nancy

On Friday, July, 6th, 1973, Linda O’Keefe got picked up by her piano teacher and they headed for Linda’s summer school classes at Lincoln Intermediate School in Corona Del Mar, CA. Around 10AM, Linda had a school break and walked over Richard’s Market to get a snack. A turquoise van would be seen near Linda at this time.

Summer school got out at 12:20PM. Linda needed a ride home, so she called her mother. Her mother was working on a sewing project and told eleven year old Linda to walk home since they did not live very far from the school. This upset Linda, so she sulked around school for awhile. Presumably the same turquoise van would stop a couple more times next to Linda before Linda agreed to catch a ride with the stranger on the corner of Marguerite Dr and Inlet Dr. But was it a complete stranger? Here are the places Linda was known to hangout: Hammond Organ Company playing piano, Corona Del Mar Youth Center, and Fantasy Island strip mall to watch the big tv’s they displayed. Linda was also a Girl Scout and a lover of science.

The last time Linda would be seen alive was getting into that turquoise van. Around 11PM that night, a woman who lived on the Bluff of Back Bay heard female voice say “STOP! You’re hurting me!”, but the voice was quiet afterward so she did not call the concern in. The following morning, a man who was searching for a place to do a nature study and observe frogs, would find Linda’a body in Back Bay. She had been strangled.

Linda O’Keefe’s killer left his DNA behind. New technology allows for her killer’s face to be revealed. Top photo is aged to 25 and bottom is aged to 60.

After 45 years of Linda’s case growing cold, her killers face has finally been revealed thanks to forensic technological advancements. The photo above are composites made based off the DNA of Linda Ann O’Keefe’s killer. If you have any information, please contact Newport Beach Police Department at (949)-644-3669.

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