In Cold Blood: The Cassidy Family Murders

By Carolyn Berardino

Cassidy family home. Photo courtesy of Court TV.

On April 1, 1968, the small town of Milan, Ohio was shocked by a brutal triple murder. 17-year-old Michael Cassidy came home from work at 4:00 a.m. and found his parents, Ann and William, dead of gunshot wounds. His 12-year-old sister Patricia was also dead, having been viciously beaten, possibly with the gun used to kill her parents. Shell casings were recovered, but the murder weapon has never been found.

According to Court TV, Michael was initially investigated as a potential suspect in the murders, but he passed a polygraph test, and no evidence tying him to the murders was ever uncovered. Another theory police had was that a drifter, coming off the Ohio turnpike or a nearby railroad, killed the family. But nothing from the house was missing; this was no robbery.

What was discovered at the crime scene was Truman Capote’s book, “In Cold Blood,” about the 1959 quadruple murder of the Clutter family in rural Holcomb, Kansas. Well known to true crime fans now, the book was published just two years before the Cassidy family murders, in 1966.

In 2018, the Sandusky Register reported that the Erie County Sheriff’s office had nothing new to report on the crimes. The killer has never been identified, and the case remains open. Anyone with information is encouraged to call (419) 627-7668.

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