What Happened To Raelene Eaton & Yvonne Waters?

By Sassa Rooney

Raelene Eaton and Yvonne Waters decided to go out one Sunday afternoon in 1974 to see a band play at a local hotel, a decision that would change both of their lives and their families forever. The pair, cousins, were good friends and often went to see live music together. 

Cousins Yvonne Waters, 17 (left)  & Raelene Eaton, 16 (right).

LAST SEEN: Raelene Eaton was 16 years old on Sunday, April 7, 1974. The day she and her 17 year old cousin, Yvonne Waters decided to go out for a harmless afternoon of fun and live music. They traveled to the White Sands Tavern at the White Sands Hotel in Scarborough, Western Australia together. While there, a doorman observed a petite Raelene who was a mere 4’11 with long dark hair along with her cousin Yvonne Waters, who was 5’2” with reddish hair, mingle with 3 unidentified men. The men were described as ‘scruffy’ and wearing labor clothing. They were all 20 to 25 years old. One had a beard and a tattoo on his left shoulder. The doorman watched the two women walk outside and towards a white panel van with possible Queensland plates, starting with the letters PXJ, at approximately 6:45pm. This was the last time the girls were seen alive. Now 44 years later, the families are still desperate for answers. 

It was overheard that the girls wanted to show the men the ‘lights’ or the ‘sights’ of Perth. According to Jean Eaton, Raelene’s mother, this to her indicates Kings Park because that is the only location you can see Perth from. Raelene was last seen wearing a pink skirt with a black top, brown platform shoes and carrying a brown shoulder bag. She had a mole on the left side of her neck and has a bottom center tooth fitted with a golden cap. Yvonne was last seen wearing blue pants, a long-sleeved green shirt, brown platform shoes, and carrying a tan bag. Yvonne’s older sister says it is unlikely she ran away as she had been in a relationship with a nice young man for two years and were talking about a future together. Raelene’s mother has made similar comments saying her daughter had been saving for a trip to visit Canada. Both girl’s bank accounts have remained untouched since 1974.

AFTERMATH: When the girls failed to return home, the families went to the local police station to report them missing but were met with a casual response and the suggestion that the girls ‘shacked’ up with some men for the night. The families were left to search for their daughters on their own. They traveled to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane searching before funds ran out. In a horrible turn of events, Ms. Eaton and her late husband lost their only other child, Raelene’s older brother, in a fatal motorcycle accident 10 days after his sister vanished. A few years ago Ms. Eaton did some research and found that neither her daughter nor her niece were on any kind of national missing persons list. She has been an advocate for the girls and remains searching to this day, at age 94. She pleads for anyone with information to come forward to put an end to this 44 year mystery. The unknown men would be in their mid-60s today. 



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TOP is Yvonne Waters 

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BOTTOM is Raelene Eaton

Raelene EATON.jpg

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