Justice For Kendrick Johnson

By Naptime Nancy

Sixteen year old Kendrick “KJ” Johnson’s body was found in a rolled up wrestling mat at Lowndes County High School on January 11th, 2013, in Valdosta, GA. The mat was standing, six feet in height and three feet wide. One student claims that he and Kendrick shared a pair of shoes and that Kendrick must’ve fallen head first in an attempt to retrieve the shoes. Kendrick’s death was initially ruled accidental, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation noting cause of death as “accidental, positional asphyxia”.

The parents of Kendrick Johnson were able to have a second autopsy performed by a private company, to which the report indicated blunt force trauma as the cause of death. The most shocking discovery though, was that all of Kendrick’s vital organs had been removed and his body cavities stuffed with newspaper. His fingernails had also been cut, making it difficult to determine if there was evidence of self defense. In October of 2013, Kendrick’s body was exhumed and the US Department of Justice performed a third autopsy. Blunt force trauma was again ruled the cause of death. Be forewarned that the autopsy photos are easily accessible online and are truly disturbing.

When Lowndes County High School’s surveillance footage was released, forensic surveillance expert, Grant Fredericks, confirmed there were four cameras with approximately an hour’s worth of footage missing from the hard drive. Despite these alarming details, the US Department of Justice closed the case in 2016 and ruled it an accident. Kendrick’s family attempted to sue for wrongful death in order to fight for justice and the truth of what happened to their son, but lost and wound up owing $292,000.00 in legal fees. Talk about going through Hell and back. If you have information indicating that Kendrick Johnson’s death was not an accident, I would recommend turning it into Chevene B. King Jr., the Johnson family’s attorney.





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6 thoughts on “Justice For Kendrick Johnson

    • I know it, it’s awful. I’ve been trying to figure out the diameter of the middle of the mat was and if it was wide enough to fall head first and cause a fatal head injury. Not only does it seem like falling and dying from that height is implausible via blunt force trauma, but the pattern of blood on the mat doesn’t add up in my opinion. You would think if there was that much blood that it would saturate the majority of the circumference of the inside of the mat? Also the shoes he was wearing seem like they’re in an odd place? Would he have kicked his shoes off in a panic from getting stuck? It just seems like he would’ve been strong enough to maneuver his way out. I really hope his family receives the answers they’re searching for soon.

        • To me I don’t understand he falls head first being black myself we sense danger and we want go there basically. To me this was planned and calculated. His finger cut cameras footage missing.and the authorities quickly saying it was an accident so that it could be swiped under the rug.someone had the knowledge and the plan in place on what to do. Now it’s all about the money instead of solving the crime. They want this to go away.

  • In the photo of Mr. Johnson lying in the rolled mat, his sneakers are next to his body (as though they were thrown in “after the fact”). Did anyone check his shoes for latent prints? We’re the mats checked for prints? Is it possible that the investigation was delayed due to the initial determination that it was an accident? I would want to know, “who” initially determined his death to be an accident? What was the determination made at the scene? Why? Review the tapes to see who is in or around Mr. Johnson throughout the day. If there is truth to the email message that was sent, there will be evidence in the videos. Sometimes you’re searching so hard to find a clue that you overlook the obvious.

  • Kendrick’s face reminded me of another black youth Emmit Till killed down south back in 1955 by 2 white men. The irony is 2 white males are questioned again for killing Kendrick. Why has the FBI agents sons been really checked out especially since the 1 son who admitted to being in the gym & was a wrestler had an answer for the substance that appeared to be blood on his shirt. I guess their Dad called in a lot of favors. Major cover up here that a blind man can see. Kill once kill again maybe next time one of their own maybe then people will care. When will times change!

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