Missing: Karen Denise Wells

By Naptime Nancy

Twenty three year old Karen Denise Wells of Haskell, OK, wanted to be there for her childhood friend who lived in New Jersey. So on April 10th, 1994, she dropped her young son off at her parents home, rented a 1994 white Plymouth Acclaim in Tulsa, OK, and headed for New Jersey. After a long day of driving with less than three hours to go, Karen Wells decided to rest up and stay the night at the Pike Motel in Carlisle, PA, a small town just outside of Middlesex Township. Her friend said that she would meet her at the motel the following day, but Karen was nowhere to be found. She has never been seen or heard from since.

Karen Wells’ luggage was on her motel bed, but her clothes were on the floor. Photo: ABC 27.

The motel noted that Karen had asked for directions to the McDonald’s nearby, when she checked in. Her Plymouth Acclaim rental car was found abandoned on Route 274, close to New Germantown, PA. The car had mud all underneath as if it had been driven off road. According to NamUs, several hundred miles were unaccounted for on the vehicle. Her belongings were all left inside her motel room. Foul play is suspected. Karen Denise Wells is 5’6” tall, weighs approximately 115-120 pounds, with strawberry blonde hair and blue/green eyes. If you have any information regarding the April 12th, 1994, disappearance of 23 year old mother Karen Denise Wells, please contact the Pennsylvania State Police at 717-249-2121. Or turn tips into the FBI anonymously at tips.fbi.gov



ABC 27

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3 thoughts on “Missing: Karen Denise Wells

  • He body was undoubtedly thrown into a distant state! Someone never wanted her body found! I hope the have her DNA. She probably is another state’s unidentified remains!

  • I don’t understand how she drives all the way to Carlise, Pennsylvania, from Oklahoma, without getting lost. Then after getting directions to the McDonald’s, ends up driving over 700 miles in two different directions. Also, there is some reference to her being a single parent, and maybe having a married boyfriend. I wonder if she had some sort of breakdown, and fled in an unknown direction. Remind me to not ask directions from anyone in Carlise, Pennsylvania.

  • I believe she got turned around , ran out of gas and someone coming from the nearby town picked her up.
    Need to find out who was on that road going home from work.

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