Mysterious Circumstances: The Disappearance of Elaine Faye Lehtinen

Missing: Elaine Faye Lehtinen

By Naptime Nancy

Navy Warrant Officer and decorated marksman, Elaine Faye Lehtinen, was last seen the evening of Monday, June 14th, 1976. The 31 year old was spotted tending to her plants in the front yard of her corner home off Parkwood Street in Napa, CA,when a neighbor girl and her friend rode their bikes by and said hello to Elaine. A blue sedan would later be seen pulling into Elaine’s driveway that evening but not staying long. When the ever-punctual Elaine failed to show up for work at Mare Island Naval Base in Vallejo, CA, the next morning, her boss called a neighbor of Elaine’s to check on her. Napa Police were then called to do a wellness check.

Police found a back window unlocked and entered her home to find groceries, her purse and keys on the counter. Elaine’s car and bicycle were still in her garage. Somehow despite Elaine living alone, police nor the Navy have supposedly never been able to recover a copies of Elaine’s fingerprints to compare to the one fingerprint left on her kitchen counter. Elaine had significant funds in her bank account that were never touched. If you have any information in regards to Elaine’s disappearance, please contact Napa Police Department at (707) 257-9550.

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