Start Talking: Where Is Kyron Hormon?

By Naptime Nancy

Seven year old Kyron Hormon couldn’t take the bus to school the morning of Friday, June 4th, 2010. He had worked hard on his Red Eyed Tree Frog project for his school’s science fair and his display was too big to carry. So his step mother Terri Moulton-Hormon drove Kyron to the school and helped him set up his display. Terri snapped a photo of Kyron posing proudly next to his project, clad in his black CSI tee and adorable spectacles. She also snapped a photo of a boy who had the same red eyed tree frog poster which you can see in green to the left of the photo.

According to Kryon’s step mother, she stood at the top of the steps around 8:45AM and watched Kyron walk down the hall to his classroom at Slyline Elementary School near Forest Park in Portland, OR. She says he was about ten feet away from the classroom door when she turned around and left. That was the last time anyone has ever seen Kyron. He was marked absent in that classroom and never stepped foot in the door as school started. There were no surveillance cameras in the school at the time. This June will mark nine years since Kyron Hormon was last seen.

It doesn’t take much digging to find information leading to very plausible theories. Though Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department has never officially named a suspect, they may very well have someone in mind but just don’t have enough evidence to ensure the person(s) responsible for Kyron Hormon’s disappearance be put away for life. They need YOU to help. Were you a classmate of Kyron’s? Teacher, parent, witness of something suspicious the morning of Friday June 4th, 2010? Please turn in even the tiniest piece of information and make sure you speak directly with a detective assigned to Kyron’s case. What seems like miniscule recollection to you may just be the lead law enforcement needs to bring Kyron home at long last.

Please contact Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department at 503-261-2847.



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