The Suspicious Death of Holly Lynn Moore

By Naptime Nancy

Nineteen year old Holly Lynn Moore was living with a male roommate in Castle Rock, CO, when her living situation allegedly began causing stress and trust issues within her relationship with her boyfriend. On the night of March 6th, 2015, Holly’s roommate found her hanging in her closet. An electrical chord was wrapped around the neck of her six foot tall frame, to which Holly hung from the 5’ 3” tall clothes rod in her closet. Her shoes still lay neatly lined beneath her.

Holly’s death was assumed by first responders and law enforcement to be a suicide upon first glance. Fearing that too many details surrounding Holly’s death didn’t add up, Holly’s family hired a private company to perform a second autopsy. This second autopsy concluded that the chord wrapped around Holly’s neck was far tighter than necessary and the way the chord was tied was deemed not likely to have been tied by Holly herself. Also that her clavicle had been broken. There are more graphic details that question and contradict the ruling of suicide, which are available in the souce links listed below. Please be forewarned that the images of Holly’s death are present within these links and are disturbing.

If you have heard any further information that Holly’s death was indeed not a suicide, please contact Justice for Holly Lynn Moore.



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