The Unsolved Abduction and Murder of Brittany Locklear

By Carolyn Berardino It was still dark outside when Connie Locklear-Chavis stood in the driveway of her home in Hoke County, North Carolina with her 5-year-old daughter Brittany Locklear, on January 7, 1998, waiting for the school bus. Connie ran inside to quickly use the bathroom, and when she came back out, Brittany was nowhere Read more about The Unsolved Abduction and Murder of Brittany Locklear[…]

The Abduction & Murder of Amber Hagerman

By Elise Haley AKA Crime Shark It was a warm winter day on January 13, 1996 in Arlington, Texas.  Amber Hagerman, 9, and her brother Ricky, 5, wanted to take advantage of the weather and ride their bikes.  They rode their bikes to an abandoned grocery store parking lot. After a while Ricky wanted to go Read more about The Abduction & Murder of Amber Hagerman[…]

Abducted: Christopher Dansby & Shane Walker

Missing Children: Christopher Milton Dansby & Shane Anthony Walker By Naptime Nancy Christopher as a baby & age progressed. Christopher Milton Dansby was just two years old when he was abducted. On May 18th, 1989, Christopher’s mother left her son in the care of relatives at Martin Luther King Jr. Towers park in Harlem, NY, while she Read more about Abducted: Christopher Dansby & Shane Walker[…]