The Volusia County John Doe

By Naptime Nancy The body of a boy presumed to be between the ages of 11-14, was found with multiple stab wounds on Sunday, May 7th, 1972, near a pond off of Indian Lake road in Daytona Beach, FL. This boy would come to be known the Volusia County John Doe and was predicted to Read more about The Volusia County John Doe[…]

The San Joaquin County Jane Doe

Written by Naptime Nancy On March 29th, 1995, a refrigerator bound with rope was found in an irrigation ditch along Bacon Island Road in Holt, California. The men who found the refrigerator were looking for metal, coins, etc., so they opened the fridge to see if someone had hidden anything of value. What they found Read more about The San Joaquin County Jane Doe[…]

Who Murdered Pregnant PFC. Amanda Gonzales?

 Written By Naptime Nancy                                   Nineteen year old U.S. Army Soldier PFC. Amanda Gonzales had only been stationed in Hanau, Germany, eight months before she was murdered in cold blood in her barracks on November 5th, 2001. The barracks Read more about Who Murdered Pregnant PFC. Amanda Gonzales?[…]