Missing: Mike Robinson

By Naptime Nancy Michael “Mike” Robinson is an US Army veteran who has been missing since 2015. The twenty three year old was last seen leaving his home in Bend, Oregon, with his black lab, Charlie, on July 27th, 2015. Mike and his furry best friend were said to have been heading toward Burns, OR, Read more about Missing: Mike Robinson[…]

Where Is John Haywood Barreto?

By Naptime Nancy January 20th, 1977 was the last time anyone has seen then 37 year old, John Haywood Barreto. He was born September 21st, 1941, in Richmond, VA. John was raised by his mother after his father, John Joseph Barreto Jr., was lost at sea off the coast of Japan in 1945 during World Read more about Where Is John Haywood Barreto?[…]

Who Murdered Pregnant PFC. Amanda Gonzales?

 Written By Naptime Nancy                                   Nineteen year old U.S. Army Soldier PFC. Amanda Gonzales had only been stationed in Hanau, Germany, eight months before she was murdered in cold blood in her barracks on November 5th, 2001. The barracks Read more about Who Murdered Pregnant PFC. Amanda Gonzales?[…]