The Abduction & Murder of Cindy Wanner

By Naptime Nancy

Thirty five year old, Cynthia Kay Wanner (Stroh) AKA Cindy, was a devoted mother of two. She and her husband moved their family from Thornton, CO, to Rancho Cordova, CA, for a fresh start. Cindy cleaned houses and often brought along her children. November 25th, 1991, was a Monday. It was the week of Thanksgiving, and Cindy was cleaning her sister’s Granite Bay home. She brought along her 11 month old daughter, set her up in a high chair with some snacks, and got to work after saying goodbye to her sister and brother-in-law around 12:30PM.

Cindy’s sister and brother-in-law’s former home in Granite Bay, CA. Very secluded, despite being next to a busy road.

Approximately 45 minutes later, Cindy’s husband dropped by the home to bring firewood. He walked into the house and found their baby still in her high chair, crying her eyes out. But Cindy was nowhere to be found. Cindy’s shoes, jacket and car were still at the home, but her purse was gone. All of the doors in the home were locked except for the front door. Obviously, this all was out of character for Cindy and she was reported missing right away. A massive search was conducted and police discovered that Cindy’s bank card withdrew $40 from an ATM at a Sacramento area Arco AM PM. Placer County Sheriff’s Office notified the bank of this transaction and sought the security footage from the transaction. But the ball was dropped in a major way, and the transaction details were not released until nine days later. By that time, the security footage had been erased. UGH.

On Sunday, December 15, 1991, Cindy Wanner’s body was found nude except for her bra, about 100 yards off a road by a hunter in Foresthill, CA. Medical examiners state that cause of death was strangulation via ligature (unknown material). Decomposition indicated that she had only died within a few days of the discovery of her body. This meant that Cindy was held captive for two weeks. Supposedly, there were no visible signs of sexual assault. So why then would she be found near pornographic material? And why would law enforcement search for sexual predators? Perhaps Cindy’s killer was privy to the advances in DNA technology and used condoms? Cindy Wanner was the second woman discovered murdered within a month, found in nothing but a bra in a wooded area. Suzette Willis, 31, of Citrus Heights, was found just three days before Cindy’s abduction on November 22, in Miner’s Ravine near Roseville, CA (read Suzette’s article). But assumingely because Suzette had been bludgeoned to death and wasn’t abducted, the two cases were deemed unrelated. No usable DNA evidence has been publicly announced for these cases. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t DNA available. Cindy’s body was surrounded by beer bottles, cigarettes and a paper sack of containing pornographic videos and magazines. At the very least, they have fingerprints. I believe this case will be solved. My heart goes out to the loved ones of Cindy Wanner and I hope they receive justice at long last, as soon as possible.

If you have any information regarding the abduction and murder of Cindy Wanner, please contact Placer County Sheriff’s Office at 530-889-7800 or

Sources: “The Press Tribune” Dates: 12/06/91, 12/29/91, 08/20/93.

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  • My guess is the killer knew her to some capacity, had been watching her schedule. He had a small window to take her. He probably kept her so he could take photos/videos of her to use later. He threw away the porn material symbolically out of his disgust with himself. He probably has specific fetishes and the reality didn’t live up to the fantasy. 35_45 years old lives or lived with his mom, probably domineering mom. She left in some capacity which gave him the opportunity. He’s intelligent but has a low paying but technical job, photographer? Possibly knew her that way. Alcoholic, buys large single cans so his mom won’t nag and he can get rid of them. Very timid and my guess this was a one time kill. Works inner city but lives on outskirts. Drives an economical boring bland colored car. Balding?

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