The Boy In The Blue Box

By Naptime Nancy

On March 9th, 1976, the skeletal remains of a child were found inside a blue storage chest in the basement of an apartment complex off of Winston Drive in Greece, New York. The little one was still in a diaper and pale blue pajamas with a deer on the left breast and brown trim around the collar and cuffs of the pajamas. This little Doe is thought to have died six months to one year prior to the discovery of his remains. Along with the child, a yellow/tan baby blanket and a tan tarp was found in the box. The child was initially thought to be a girl approximately the age of two. However, DNA testing within the last couple years has determined the child to be a male who died between the ages of three to five, and was very tiny for his age.

The apartment complex where this tiny John Doe was found.
The pajamas the little boy was wearing.

Isotope testing was also recently done to determine the geographical locations of the child. Turns out, the child did not spend much time in New York. He was likely born and raised in either the Northwest or Southwest of the US. His skull had a deformation on the left side where his skull was enlarged. This deformation likely would have delayed his development both physically and mentally. Though the exact cause of death is unknown, signs of malnutrition and neglect were present. This tiny John Doe had brown hair, unknown eye color, unknown height and weight approximations.

These are the areas of the US where isotope testing determined the child may have lived prior to his death.
The metal box where the Greece John Doe was found.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of this tiny John Doe, please call the Greece Police Department at (585)-581-4016 or email


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