The Disappearance of Ayla Reynolds

By: Sammy Keyes

It was December of 2011, and Ayla Reynolds, barely a toddler, simply vanished overnight. In a house with three fully grown adults, all parents themselves, while her father slept on the basement level with his current girlfriend and her baby daughter, Ayla simply failed to be in her crib the morning after her father, Justin DiPietro had put her down to sleep in her polka dot jammies. The investigation first thought through the possibility Ayla had got out on her own, even if overcoming multiple obstacles to do so, stranger things have happened. That idea was quickly ruled out, however, when it was discovered that on a visit prior to temporary full-time placement with her father, Ayla had broken her arm. Ayla was with her father full time only as of very recently, her mother, Trista, had asked the court to put Ayla in placement with Justin while she pursued a rehabilitation program she felt would help her become a better mother and more healthy person.

A true warrior, Trista completed the program on time, and filed for immediate change back to the old visitation schedule, and this was the very day prior to Ayla going missing. For those interested, Trista has kept herself healthy and sober for so many reasons, but most because of what a loving and devoted mother she has shown herself to be over this entire time not only in the public eye, but by all accounts of those close to her as well. Trista is so sure of Justin’s involvement in why Ayla is gone, and given the issues with all the adults in the home the same night in terms of polygraph results, clear major conflicts in official statements etc. It’s no wonder Trista is fighting so hard for justice, even to this day so many years after. Forced to have Ayla declared dead by the court system after five years as the state of Maine requires, this woman is now in the middle of yet another battle, this time for wrongful death, which Justin responded to by NOT responding. In fact, other than we know he’s got family in California, no one knows where he is. It’s important to clarify, Trista is suing not for monetary, Justin has nothing to give her anyway, she is attempting, from what it seems to make it known and have him held responsible for at the very least, knowing more and obstructing justice by saying so little and then going on the run.

Why do I say it is obvious? Well, when investigators went through the home forensically to check for blood, body fluid, etc. They found blood. A LOT OF IT for a toddler her size, and amounts reported publicly fluctuate from a cup, to a cup in just one room. Blood, mixed with vomit and saliva in some samples taken in other areas of the home and in Justin’s car, were said to have been found in alarming amounts, and measures over a cup, up to even two, when put together in total.

Saliva in a childs blood shows likely she was crying/awake/ (likely not drooling on a pillow) when harmed. Take a sec, that’s a hard thing to read. In addition to it, the vomit found was excused by the family as they stated “she had a reflux issue where she would vomit after eating at times.” But this was done only when confronted with that information, and that night no one in the home reported her eating and vomiting anything, maybe she didn’t puke til she cried so hard she eventually did, absolutely a possibility. At the end of the day, this info alone was enough to have her declared dead in a court of law, but the justice isn’t done. This is why Case A Week right here is hoping anyone who has any information on the disappearance/death of Ayla Reynolds, or location information regarding Mr. Justin DiPietro (known to have family in California, specifically where, I am sorry, I don’t know) to contact Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit at (207) 624-7143. This little girl deserves to be laid to rest somewhere her mother chooses, where she can still visit what remains, such a simple right denied. I hope those of you reading this are listening to me, I know someone out there has something- no matter how small you think it is, that could help locate Ayla, or her father- I beg you not to be afraid, it’s all anonymous, the hard part is being someone who loved Ayla, not dialing a number, I promise.

Those of you who do call in, who spread the word, share this article, keep Ayla’s name in discussion/publicly circulating- all of it helps. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading and caring- Ayla’s army is grateful to add you all, this fight will end in victory- I know it. Until next time, stay healthy and safe. Xo Sammy Keyes


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