The Disappearance of Christine Markey

By Elise Haley AKA Crime Shark

The early morning hours of January 10, 1993 was the last time anyone had seen Christine Markey in Oneida NY. Markey was 22 years old, 5 feet 2 inches tall, had brown hair, brown eyes and weighed 105 pounds. Markey was seen entering her apartment with her girlfriend Tracy Taber.  According to an Oneida Daily Dispatch article, “Markey was seen by witnesses going into the room, but not coming out.”

On January 9th, Christine and Tracey had been seen having an argument at a local bar. Markey had been seeing a man.  This boyfriend was ruled out as a suspect.  On January 10, Tracey Taber and her father, Mike Taber, were seen moving boxes from the apartment that Tracey and Christine shared.

Although Christine and Tracey had been dating for a number of years, their relationship had seen it’s ups and downs, most would have described it as turbulent.

Christine was officially reported missing on January 15, 1993, by her father, Philip Markey.  Christine never picked up her last paycheck from Oneida Ltd. and it did not appear as though she had taken any personal belonging.  Her social security number has never been used since. These facts make her disappearance seem suspicious but no one has ever been formally charged in this missing persons case.

If you or anyone you know has any information of the whereabouts of Christine Markey, please contact the Oneida City Police department at 315-363-2323


Oneida Daily Dispatch

Charley Project


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  • Well lets see here, looks to me Tracey Taber may have been a little, actually a lot jealous that christine was seeing a man and decided to dispose of shristine. did they do luminol in the apartment?

  • This is my cousin still looking for her alive or died we need to know what happened to ur beloved cousin please help thank u

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