The Disappearance of Marina Boelter

By Shasta Gilbert

It was New Year’s Eve 2014 when 18-year-old Marina Boelter got off work from the Bloomfield IGA grocery store in Bloomfield, Indiana. The events of the next few hours are unclear, but the one thing certain about that night is Marina disappeared. 

Reports state that Marina got off work at 6pm and was seen talking to a male (who police are not identifying) in a car at the Bloomfield IGA parking lot. At the same time, her ex-boyfriend along with several of his friends were also in the parking lot and saw this exchange. The ex-boyfriend and his friends were unable to talk Marina into going with them, so they pulled away. Marina got in the car of the un-named male and pulled out in the opposite direction, going towards Marina’s apartment. According to the un-named male, Marina asked to be dropped off at a closed down pizza place in Bloomfield, as her apartment was nearby, and she could easily walk there without the un-named male knowing where she lived. This turned out to be the last time anyone has reported seeing Marina. In a turn of events, 6 weeks after Marina disappeared, her ex-boyfriend was found stabbed to death, but police haven’t confirmed if these incidents are related.

Marina was 18 years old. 5ft 3in tall. 110 lbs.  Blonde hair dyed reddish-brown with blue eyes. She has a tattoo on her foot of a star with butterfly wings.

Any information please contact:

Indiana State Police #1-812-332-4411

Bloomfield Police #1-812-384-4411

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  • Her ex was not stabbed in connections with her disappearance there was a article published about it and I know first hand who was involved DJ had broken into the home and started a fight it was self defense it had nothing to do with marina

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