The Disappearance of Sebastian Tyrese Husted

Sebastian Tyrese Husted, known as ‘Ty’ to Family and Friends, went missing on January 22, 2018. Ty was 18 years old at the time he went missing. Ty was born and raised in Centerville Iowa. He is the youngest of 3, his had two older siblings who are twins. Iesha is his older sister and the last family member to see Ty alive.

On Sunday January 21st, 2018, Ty called his sister Iesha. Since Ty did not have a drivers license, he asked Iesha if she would take him to the grocery store to purchase items to bring to work for lunch that week. Iesha picked Ty up. After they went grocery shopping, Ty and Iesha spent a short time together. Ty had recently moved into his first apartment only a couple of weeks before and there was no laundry facility in the building for him to use. So Iesha took his clothes with her back home.

In addition to moving into his first apartment, Ty had recently began power washing hog units for a local company. The company he worked for had set it up for Ty to ride with a co-worker to and from work each day. On the evening of the 21st, his sister Iesha brought his clothes back to his apartment. Ty didn’t answer the door when she knocked. Iesha figured he was sleeping since he was putting in long hours at work and he went to work early. Monday the 22nd, Ty rode with his Co-Worker. Coincidentally, this coworker lived in the same apartment building as Ty did. Both men had only known each other the same amount of time as Ty had been power washing.

The two men headed to Lineville Missouri. It was about an hour drive to their job site. Not long after arriving, Ty called his older brother Malcom. He pleaded with Malcom to come get him. His coworker had been making comments that were making Ty very uncomfortable and had begun acting aggressive towards Ty. When Malcom called Ty back for directions to the unit, Ty didn’t pick up his cell phone. That was the last time anyone has heard from Ty again. Ty was reported missing on Friday of that week by his sister and other family members. The coworker was brought in for questioning, but let go. No one knew Ty’s coworker in Centerville. He just showed up one day in town. Iesha did see that the laundry basket with Ty’s clothes was in the back of the company truck. His boss confirmed Ty was at work that morning. When the coworker was asked by law enforcement why he didn’t bring Ty home that day, he gave no answer. The Mercer County Sheriff’s Officer claims that Ty was not in the area of Lineville on the 22nd even though his coworker admitted Ty rode to work with him.

Both Centerville police department and Mercer County Sheriffs office are working this case. To date, no new information has come forward. There is talk amongst town that the coworker in question had went to a party the same night Ty went missing. He allegedly bragged to friends how easy it would be to kill someone and get away with it and how all someone would have to is put the body in a hog pen. The hogs would take care of all the evidence. No hogs were in the barn the day Ty went missing. The Mercer county Sheriff office did do a thorough search of the unit and nothing was found of Ty at all.
Since Ty went missing, his 19th birthday has passed and he became a first time dad to a son in May of 2018. Ty was excited about being a dad. When he went missing, all he had was his work uniform. He did not have any money on him or a coat.

You can contact the Mercer County Sheriffs office with any tips at 660-748-3165 or the Centerville PD at 641-437-7100

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