The Murder of Barry Kirk Pinder

Written by Naptime Nancy 

Barry Kirk Pinder grew up in Maitland, FL, and graduated Winter Park High School in 1971. By age 21, he had moved cross country to San Diego, CA. He decided to take his motorcycle for a trip north and wound up camping at MacKerricher State Park, north of Fort Bragg in California. On the morning of June 18th, 1974, Barry was found murdered. He was fully clothed, sticking partially out from underneath the picnic table of his camp site. He had been bludgeoned by a piece of firewood, which was amongst the trash and beer cans that were strewn about Barry’s camp site. His face was beaten so badly that had Barry not gotten a misdemeanor charge (marijuana) and had fingerprints on record, it would have taken much longer to identify him. 

Fellow campers nearby witnessed three or four men at Barry’s camp site the night of Monday June 17th, 1974, and noted that Barry’s motorcycle was still present that evening. By the time Barry’s body was found, his motorcycle had been stolen. The make and model of the motorcycle was not indicated within the articles that I was able to find.  Barry Kirk Pinder had just turned 21 on June 12th. He was 6’1” tall, 180 pounds, with shoulder length blonde hair. 

If you have any information regarding the murder of Barry Kirk Pinder, (case#74-41358) please call Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department at 707-234-2100. For more information regarding Barry Kirk Pinder’s case, visit:

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