The Murder of Carmen Colon

By Elise Haley aka Crime Shark

On November 18, 1971, Carmen Colon’s body was found near Chili NY.  She had been strangled and sexually assaulted.  She was only 10 years old.  When her body was found, she was only partially clothed.

Colon was from Rochester where she lived with her grandparents.  On November 16, Carmen went to a nearby drugstore where she was picking up a prescription for her grandfather.  The prescription wasn’t ready and Carmen seemed to be in a hurry. 

An hour later, a girl who matched Carmen’s description was seen by dozens of drivers running half naked along I-490, slightly east of Churchville. She had on a shirt, sock and shoes but no pants or underwear. No one stopped or called the authorities.  A car was seen near her on the shoulder of the road.  It would be two days later when Carmen Colon’s body would be discovered by two boys riding their bikes.

Carmen Colon was the first victim of a murderer later known as the Alphabet Killer.  These murders have also been referred to as the double initial killings.  The victims had the same first and last initial and their bodies were found in cities whose name also started with the same first letter as their initials.

Tune in over the next few days to read the stories of the other victims, Wanda Walkowicz and Michelle Maenza.  

If you or anyone you know has any information about the 1971 murder or Carmen Colon, please contact the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at (585) 753-4175.


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  • this breaks my heart for these little girls I prayed they caught the killer I just can’t get over it they were just little girls

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