The Murder of Daisy Motley

By Naptime Nancy

Daisy Motley. Photo taken from

It was approximately 9PM on May 7th, 1979, when 64 year old Daisy Motley of Portland, OR, last spoke with her daughter. This is the last known contact Daisy would have with loved ones before being discovered dead the next day by her apartment manager. The manager of the 600 block of NE Brazee apartments had received a tip from a resident that there had been noise coming from Daisy Motley’s apartment the night before.

Daisy Motley was sexually assaulted and her cause of death has not been released. Portland Police believe it is likely that Daisy knew her killer and that the person who ended her life did not set out to rob her the evening of May 8th, 1979. If you have any information regarding the death of Daisy Motley, please call Portland Police’s Cold Case Homicide Unit (503)-823-0400.


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