The Murder of Eddie Morgan

By Naptime Nancy

Forty six year old Eddie Morgan knew nearly everyone in his NE Portland, OR, community. Because he took the time to say hello and get to know everyone he encountered. In result, he was beloved by many and known as ‘The Mayor of 42nd Avenue”. Eddie used to run errands on foot for the woman who ran the Wilshire Tavern. It is unclear what specific diagnoses Eddie was given, but he was noted to have been “mildly mentally challenged” according to the Portland Police Bureau’s website, and disabled from birth. He had a clean record and no drug use or criminal history. Which is why no one can wrap their mind around the fact that this sweet man was shot in cold blood.

The bus stop at NE 42nd Ave and Alberta Street in Portland, OR, where Eddie Morgan was murdered. A memorial plaque in his honor lays to the right.

On Sunday morning at approximately 4AM on May 29th, 1994, the residents near NE 42 Ave and Alberta Street heard shots fired. A dark colored vehicle with at least two people inside was just leaving the scene as a neighbor looked out their window and saw Eddie Morgan bent over the bus bench, then collapse to the ground. It is unclear if the same neighbor ran to give Eddie CPR, but shortly after attempting, the neighbor knew that Eddie was gone.

But why? Was Eddie witness to a crime and the killers didn’t want him sharing what he had seen? Or did Eddie simply approach the wrong people with his friendly demeanor and it cost him his life? Portland Police Bureau believe that there are multiple people who hold these answers and/or who have even the smallest tips that could help give them a new lead. Tragically, it is too late for Eddie’s mother to ever know what happened to her son, but there are still Portland residents who remember Eddie and want justice for him. It’s time to speak up. There is a $2500 reward for tips leading to the person(s) responsible for the murder of Eddie Morgan.

There are multiple ways that you can submit tips:

Portland Police Bureau (503)-823-0400

Crime Stoppers of Oregon (503)-823-4357

ANONYMOUS TIPS: Download the P3 Tips App

Or anonymously email Crimestoppers directly


Portland Police Bureau

Portland Tribune

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