The Murder of Greta Putnam

By Naptime Nancy

Greta Jayne Putnam was a beautiful person, inside and out. Her family and those who knew her describe her as selfless and loving. She handmade clothing and sent them to children in Africa out of the kindness of her heart. So who could have deliberately and brutally attacked this sweet 86 year old woman? At approximately 9AM on Thursday, November 8th, 2018, Oroville Police were called to Greta’s home in Cottonwood Estates; a senior community within Oroville, California. Tragically, Greta Putnam was found in her bed stabbed and with her throat cut. A sheet had been draped over her after the attack. There were no signs of forced entry, nothing in the home was missing, and the home was not ransacked. This horrific attack on this sweet old woman was deliberate. But why?

Adding to the tragedy, Greta Putnam’s body was found just mere hours after a camp fire would ignite the worst wildfire in California’s history. Therefore, the majority of the available resources of course went toward helping put out the massive wildfire and helping to rescue as many people as possible. Police have not yet named a suspect. Greta’s family had already been in crisis just prior to her murder, due to her great grandson, 21 year old Dominic Potts, who went missing on November 6th. Dominic lived in Greenville and worked in Chester, both of which are roughly an hour away from Oroville where Greta resides. Dominic was last seen with a passenger and his truck was found abandoned in on First Avenue in Chester, near Lake Almanor. The family does not believe the two cases are related. I’m only mentioning Dominic’s disappearance to help spread awareness in hopes that he is found.

If you have any information regarding the brutal murder of Greta Jayne Putnam, please contact Oroville Police at (530)-538-2448. Any tips that may help locate Dominic Potts, please call Plumas County Sheriff’s Office (530)-283-6300.



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