The Murder of Julia Wilkinson

 The Murder of Julia Wilkinson

By Naptime Nancy

On the evening of December 27th, 1980, neighbors heard moans coming from the detached garage of Julia & Giles Wilkinson’s home off Wightman Avenue in San Diego, CA.. They found Julia lying on the garage floor. She had been bludgeoned. She was rushed to the hospital but did not survive the severity of her vicious attack. Law enforcement would later confirm that the murder weapon was a hammer that belonged to the Wilkinson’s, which was missing from their home after the attack.

Neighbors would later give a description of a man seen in the area acting oddly after the attack. The man was described as roughly 25-35 years old, approximately 6’ tall, dark hair that was bushy on top, wearing a green military style jacket.  

Composite sketch of man seen acting suspiciously near Julia’s home around the time of her murder.

Julia was just weeks away from turning 32 years old. She had been married to Giles for nearly ten years and was a nurse with a thriving career. Who killed Julia Wilkinson?

Please send any tips into San Diego Police Department at 619-531-2293.

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