The Murder of Suzette Willis-McDermott

By Naptime Nancy

Suzette Jennifer Willis was an Army Veteran living with her mother and stepfather in Citrus Heights, CA, and working for Creative Construction. Her parents last reported seeing her at approximately 6:30PM at their home on Wednesday, November 20th, 1991. From there, Suzette reportedly went to a man’s home, but left his place and headed to the 7440 Club on Auburn boulevard in Citrus Heights. Suzette AKA Suzi, was last seen at the 7440 club shortly before midnight. She was known to be quite the billiards (pool) player.

Around 3PM on Thursday, November 21, 1991, three teenage boys phoned police to tell them they had found a body while riding their ATV’s on the trails by Miners Ravine Creek. Suzette Willis-McDermott was found with her pants around her ankles, shirt off with bra exposed, and bludgeoned to death. Her orange 1976 Honda Civic was parked not far from her body. Despite the horrific scene, the medical examiner reportedly determined that no sexual assault was detected. Last seen alive in Citrus Heights (Sacramento County), found dead just a few miles away in Roseville (Placer County). Someone sure knew what they were doing, muddying the jurisdictions.

I have tried very hard to find any updates whatsoever on Suzette Jennifer Willis-McDermott’s case, aside from an article from 1996 stating that her case remained unsolved. If you have any updates, please feel free to comment. And if you have any tips, please contact Placer County Sheriff’s Department at (530)-889-7300.


San Diego Tribune articles from 1991,1992, & 1996.

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6 thoughts on “The Murder of Suzette Willis-McDermott

  • Where was Joseph James DeAngelo during this time,i know its an obvious name to throw out but creeks,and the muddying of evidence along with method of murder?

  • I agree with Simon F 74. Law Enforcement in Placer County needs to compare DeAngelos DNA with the profile on file eith McDermott. I think DeAngelo’s DNA needs to be compAres with whatever they have on file for the murder of Cynthia Wanner. Either way, with DeAngelo, there’ve got to be more victims out there, probably dead as well as alive.

  • Just because she was bludgeoned, and Cindy Warrener wasn’t definitely does not conclude they are not related. HELLO!! Cindy was a wife and mother with a child present, women will do whatever it takes to protect their children, especially comply… Whereas Suzzette is military and therefore trained to fight. That is the simple explanation of why cause if death was different.
    More importantly no evidence of sexual assault indicted either an impotent male or a female serial killer. Since crime scenes are not leaving any clues maybe consider an employee of police departments? Time and location definitely indicates serial killer. So why no more deaths? Killer moved…

  • DeAngelo was right there on Canyon Oak Drive in Citrus Heights….in a rage over his wife filing for divorce….he also liked to kill at Thanksgiving. Cases in Irvine being investigated are two women bound , raped and bludgeoned to death in Irvine in the 90s..both 2 days before Thanksgiving one year apart in the 90s…wife had left for good. I believe she didn’t finish the divorce over his threats to get the kids from her. Every homicide in CA of women with this description needs to be looked at JJD as a suspect and especially the ones close and yes. He lived right on the Sacramento County line and was committing abductions of murders of Wanner, Hawkley, Willis in Placer county/ie Roseville. He had a little grudge against Roseville Police and Placer County…Roseville Police turned him down for their force and Placer County is where Auburn is and they fired him in 79 over the shop lifting.

  • I don’t have any updates on this except that Suzette went to high school with me and we were friends. I lost contact as I was on the college track. But looking at that photo, I am pretty sure she was my friend who I went to school with, and it makes me sad. She was a person who needed some guidance and friends who believed in her. She doesn’t deserve this.

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