The San Joaquin County Jane Doe

Written by Naptime Nancy

On March 29th, 1995, a refrigerator bound with rope was found in an irrigation ditch along Bacon Island Road in Holt, California. The men who found the refrigerator were looking for metal, coins, etc., so they opened the fridge to see if someone had hidden anything of value. What they found was a body, wrapped in a blue sleeping bag and a blanket. San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department was called in to investigate the gruesome discovery, to which they determined the body was a female who’s estimated death was summer of 1994. 

San Joaquin Doe died by blunt force trauma and is estimated to have been a 29-41 year old Caucasian female with strawberry blond hair. She was approximately 5’-5”-5’7” in height, roughly 110-130 lbs, with manicured nails, a 1/3 carat diamond ring, with small charms found on her person (shown in photo). Jane Doe wore a blue sweatshirt, t-shirt, denim shorts, multicolored knee high toe socks with fairly expensive Gorilla brand hiking boots (Est price $120 in 1995). 

An example of what San Joaquin Jane Doe was last seen wearing.

The refrigerator was determined to have been sold in Oakland. Items in the fridge, such as the bag of ice and small cartons of milk indicated to authorities that the refrigerator once resided in the East Bay Area. Possible cities include Richmond, Antioch, Pittsburgh, Oakley or Brentwood. Small cartons of milk like the ones found in the fridge along with the Doe, are typically distributed to places like schools and hospitals. 

There is DNA available as well as dental records for this case, so please join me in requesting there be a DNA phenotype profile made for this Doe so she finally has a recognizable face and thus, hopefully identified at long last. If you have any information regarding this case, please turn tips in to San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department at 209-468-4572. For more information visit:

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