The Unsolved Death of Jonathan Luna

By Flavio Sette

Jonathan Luna, a 38-year-old assistant U.S. attorney, left his office at the Federal District Court Building in Baltimore, Maryland on December the 3rd, 2003, and was never seen alive again. The following day, Luna’s car would be found in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, teetering on the edge of a creek’s bank. The car’s fender, driver’s side door and driver’s seat were covered in blood. The prosecutor’s dead body was located face down in the creek. The circumstances surrounding Luna’s death, as well aswhy he made his unexpected 90-mile trip, are still unknown.

Luna appears to have left his office close to midnight, and then taken Interstate-95, heading north towards Pennsylvania. His debit card was used to purchase gasoline at a gas station in King of Prussia, PA. The following morning, Luna was found dead in Brecknock Township, PA. He had suffered a head wound, as well as several minor wounds to his hands and had a few fingernail marks on his wrists. His dead body had a total of 36 stab wounds, most of which were to his neck. Despite his various injuries, then Lancaster County Coroner, Bob Welp, determined that the cause of death was drowning.While the Lancaster County coroner ruled Luna’s death a homicide, federal investigators have speculated that his injuries may have been self-inflicted.

If you have any information related to the unsolved death of Jonathan Luna, please call in a tip to the Federal Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-332-6039.


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