The Unsolved Murder of Lori Lynn: Was the Crime Scene Staged?

By Carolyn Berardino

Lori Lynn. Courtesy of Justice for Lori Lynn, sponsored by her friends and family. See site for more information and the evidence locker.

60-year-old Lori Lynn, the mother of two daughters who had worked as a heavy machine operator for more than 30 years, was found face down on a tractor in a pond on her mother’s property in Liberty, Ohio on August 2, 2017. According to WKBN 27, police initially ruled the death an accident. But in 2018, the late Trumbull County Coroner Dr. Humphrey Germaniuk ruled it was a homicide and noted that the crime scene looked staged.

According to the website Justice for Lori Lynn, one of Lynn’s peers, who was also an operating engineer, stated, “‘There is no way Lori could have driven the tractor into the family pond. Absolutely no way!'”

Cameras were set up on the property, and Lynn was last seen leaving her mother’s house and getting in her car. After about 30 minutes, the car returned, but rather than parking in the driveway as usual, the driver pulled the car into an area without cameras. Lynn’s new Nissan Pathfinder was found parked in a trash pile full of broken glass and construction debris, near a barn on the property.

If you have any information that can help solve this case, call the Liberty Police Tip Line at:  (330) 539-9830. There is a $20,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction.

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