The Volusia County John Doe

By Naptime Nancy

Facial reconstruction has been created for the Volusia County John Doe case in hopes that he may be recognized and identified at long last.

The body of a boy presumed to be between the ages of 11-14, was found with multiple stab wounds on Sunday, May 7th, 1972, near a pond off of Indian Lake road in Daytona Beach, FL. This boy would come to be known the Volusia County John Doe and was predicted to have been killed 3-4 days prior to being found. A green Schwinn bicycle that was stolen May 3rd, from a home in nearby New Smyrna, was found near the boy’s body. His pants were found pulled nearly completely off his body, hanging from one leg, and his pubic area was shaven. John Doe wore a red and white striped shirt, purple and gray tweed pants, a jean jacket, brown dress socks and black loafers with buckles, size 8 1/2. He was approximately 5’ 2” in height, 110-120 lbs, with wavy brown hair and brown eyes.

If you have any information regarding the identity of the boy known as the Volusia County John Doe, please contact Volusia County Sheriff’s Office at or 386-254-1537 x11425 or 386-254-4689.


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3 thoughts on “The Volusia County John Doe

  • How was this kid NOT id’d? he had a full set of clothes on which says, to me anyway, that he was ‘taken care of’ – meaning someone was looking out for his well being – a jacket, socks, pants, shoes, shirt, underwear (assuming) and sounds like the style of the time. – maybe they can track down somehow when clothes were bought and where – maybe from manufacturer. and pretty distinct clothing also. how can someone not remember those types of clothes or a kid wearing those different types of clothing – clashing colors and again distinct coloring. there has to be a person that someone remembers (teacher/fellow student) all of a sudden not coming to class or not coming to class a few weeks or months prior to his murder. someone out there has to remember this kid somehow in someway?

  • and the clothes look new/newer – meaning not tattered or soiled. someone was taking care of this kid.

  • He had a full set of teeth. They were in perfect condition. How were they not able to pull DNA from them?

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