Where Is Brandon Graves?

By Naptime Nancy

So many of us are spontaneous in our early twenties. I know my friends and I were. So when 24 year old Brandon Rodrigues Graves and his friend heard it was homecoming weekend at Morris College in Sumter, SC, they left Myrtle Beach and headed for Sumter, which is nearly a two hour drive west. Before graduating from Coastal Carolina University in 2008, Brandon attended Morris College and was a member of Alphi Phi Alpha Inc. fraternity. Around 11PM on Saturday, January 30th, 2010, Brandon and two friends headed to Sebastian’s Night Life nightclub, now Center Stage club, located at 3289 Broad Street in Sumter.

Formerly Sebastian’s Night Life Nightclub in Sumter, SC.

Sometime before midnight, Brandon was kicked out of the club by the bouncers for being intoxicated. Brandon appeared frustrated on surveillance footage upon being denied entrance to the club a second time. One of the two friends he was with saw Brandon talking with a group of people in the parking lot and he apparently left with a man in a white car. The Charley Project, a site for missing persons, states that Brandon was supposedly heading to “Blue Mist” bar. While I could not find any Blue Mist bar or club near Sumter, I did find a bar called ‘Blue’, which was formerly a popular college bar an hour west of Sumter in Columbia, SC, and seemingly the closest night life with the word ‘blue’ in it. Could they have been heading to Blue? The last known contact Brandon Graves made was between 1-4AM on Sunday, January 31st. He called three different people and left a voicemail for his cousin. The man in the white car has since been named a person of interest by Sumter Police and was living in Clarendon County at the time. Foul play is suspected.

Could the former college hotspot Blue (721 Lady Street, Columbia, SC) have been where Brandon Graves was heading with the man in the white car?

Brandon Graves’ nickname is Peanut, lovingly given to him by his family for his smaller frame. He is 5’ 4” in height, roughly 150 lbs, long black hair in dreadlocks and brown eyes. He was wearing a black baseball hat, black pants, a black long sleeve thermal and a blue T-shirt over top. Due to complications with asthma and how close he is with his family, he would not have just taken off permanently, voluntarily. In his last phone call to a friend in Myrtle Beach, he told the friend he would see them later that day. Someone knows something. Please turn in even the seemingly smallest tips in to Crimestoppers 1-888-CRIME-SC or Sumter Police (843)-436-2700.


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