Where is Jared Chavis?

By Naptime Nancy

Jared Chavis was just 19 went he went missing. Photo retrieved from Fox 26 news.

Nineteen year old Jared Chavis had joined the the Air Force after graduating high school in Louisiana. However, he decided that the Air Force was not the career path that he wanted to take, so he requested to be discharged. The mother of his unborn child was also serving in the Air Force and she was just months away from giving birth. Jared had moved to Houston, TX, and had only been living with his cousin for two months when he went missing.

Chavis was allegedly last seen getting into the back of a black Ford Fusion. This photo is just an example of the make, model and color. Photo cred: Reddit u/nicklbmx99.

On the evening of January 12th, 2018, Jared had spoken to his mother and all seemed well. No one would have guessed that was the last time his loved ones would hear from him before he disappeared. According to a witness, Jared was seen with three other men getting into a black Ford Fusion near the parking lot of the CVS at the 8800 block of Westheimer Rd in Houston, TX. There was allegedly an argument and shots were fired in the vehicle, before the car sped off. The suspect apparently goes by the name “Bolt Suave”.

Jared posing next to his Chevy Malibu just weeks before he went missing. Photo is Jared’s Facebook profile photo.

Another frustrating part of this mystery is that Jared’s white Chevy Malibu may have been involved in a robbery, which was supposedly the reason the car seat covers were removed from the vehicle. But could the car seat covers have been removed due to foul play directly involving Jared’s disappearance instead? The robbery story thus far is heresay given that no police reports or further details have been brought forth.

Tips can be submitted anonymously, so please give Jared’s family the answers they deserve. Willie Smith, Jared’s father, has been working tirelessly to find out what happened to Jared. As have all of his loved ones. Jared’s ten month old son deserves the answers he will undoubtedly seek someday as to what happened to his father.

Please do the right thing and turn tips in to: Crime Stoppers (713)-222-8477, crimestoppers.org or Houston Police Department (832)-394-1840.




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