Where Is Michael McCain?

By Sammy Keyes

​Pictured on the Left is Mr. Mike McClain who went missing 4/20/19 from the Nashua, NH McDonalds on 45 E. Hollis St. 29 years old, standing approximately 5’10”, living in Manchester, NH, a 20 minute ride north from Nashua. Mike is 29 years old with a Masters degree in Criminal Justice, he has brown eyes, tattoos on his hands and forearms, and is know to wear his hair in braids. For more information see flier attached. 

​Mr. Mike McClain was out like many other young men on April 20, 2019, having fun with his friends at the Tropical Lounge located at 14 West Hollis St. in Nashua, NH. Following a fight that broke out, in which Mike was not involved, when the crowd dispersed, Mike was just gone. His friends who had gone with him out that evening, waited about 45 minutes for him, not for a ride necessarily, as we have reason to believe Mike’s car was parked the entire night and following day on nearby Orange Street, but they waited, likely to make sure he was good before heading home. Allegedly, Mike was seen a few blocks away on surveillance footage heading toward perhaps even seen going into the McDonald’s on East Hollis St. not long after he was last seen at the lounge. It should be noted that all of this so far, all events have taken place approximately 2 AM on April 21st, Easter morning. The time he was last seen at McDonald’s is 2:30 AM, according to multiple sources. 

Perhaps the strangest piece that adds to the puzzle, is that Mr. McClain’s aunt went missing and was never located years ago. For Michael, he knew that pain and heartache such a disappearance would cause, and it’s unanimous everyone who loves and knows him has stated he would NEVER do this on purpose- it has to be because he can’t come back that he hasn’t. Like every case, especially in the beginning rumors abound but I can’t find the original sources I read regarding such statements. I know it’s been circulated numerous times that he called his boss at Easter Seals (where he worked with disabled children and their families) and was saying, out of breath, that someone was chasing him. I can’t confirm this with a source at this time. Locally, it’s known to be going around that his roommate in Manchester called the police after Mike didn’t return and didn’t show or work on Monday the 22nd.

Whatever is true or not, we just need to find Mike, and most importantly, alive and unharmed. There are few jewels left on this planet who are gold in the heart, and dedicated to being good people, he being one of them. From Stanford, CT to Northern New Hampshire, let’s keep our eyes peeled for him, and if you have any information or any possible leads, please call the Nashua Police at: (603)-494-3500. Let’s bring Mike home. 


3 thoughts on “Where Is Michael McCain?

  • It’s going on 3 months and no one can tell me where my son is, the Nashua police dept. has no updates and has not been in contact with the family for months now, so we need someone to make my son’s disappearance a priority, please stop over looking him cause he’s a young black man, help him cause he’s a human being and a child of God. I have not slept in months since my son has gone missing, I need my nightmares to stop, I cry every day, not knowing if he’s okay, Mike I want you to know that I love you and miss you, it feels like my heart has be torn out of my chest. #findmike #mikelifematter #bringmikehome

    • Im sure someone has said this before but maybe his text messages were actually predictive or autocorrect text…i know ive seen aloof alot when actually typing the word “alone” or “blood” and when texting “lil” it will correct to “lol”. That was the first thing that came to mind when hearing the messages that Michael sent.

      • I thought the exact same thing. Someone out there knows what happened to this man. My heart breaks for his mother. I pray he is found soon.

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