Where Is Nonnie Dotson?

By Naptime Nancy

In November of 2006, thirty three year old Nonnie Dotson brought her 16 month old daughter up from San Antonio, TX, to Littleton, CO., to visit her brother, Tony Dotson. Nonnie was an ICU nurse in the United States Air Force and stationed at Lackland AFB. On November 18th, Nonnie decided to check out a local country bar, the Grizzly Rose. The next day, Nonnie left her daughter in her brother’s care and walked from her brother Tony’s home to a nearby shopping center. She was never seen again.

Nonnie was last seen wearing black pants, a white t-shirt, a grey hooded jacket and a black purse. She is 5’2”-5’4” in height, with long brown hair, brown eyes, and scars on her right shoulder and left knee. Her cell phone was last used near the South Kipling Shopping Center. Tony Dotson reported his sister Nonnie missing and received a call from a man who said he saw his sister the night before she disappeared at the Grizzly Rose. Nonnie was being harassed by two men so the man who called Tony said he helped Nonnie get away from the men who kept insisting they wanted to make Nonnie breakfast.

Dotson was scheduled to leave the Air Force in 2007. She had a profile on online dating sites, was an occasional social drinker, enjoyed line dancing, and was a devoted mother to her 16 month old daughter. She would not have left her child. If you have any information regarding what happened to Nonnie Dotson, please contact Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office 303-271-5612. 


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Colorado Bureau of Investigation

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  • I know that as a really good friend of nonnie’s that she would NEVER leave her daughter alone especially with tony!!! I wish someone would check tonys house that they were at in Littleton, I could almost guarantee shes there. why did no one aquestion or search tony home when he is already know n for being a severe driminal??

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