Who Can Help Solve the 2004 Murder of 69-year-old Lillie Oglesby?

By Carolyn Berardino

69-year-old Lillie Oglesby’s unsolved murder is one of Dayton, Ohio’s oldest cold cases. Photo found here.

In 2004, Lillie Oglesby was a 69-year-old mother of eight grown children, living alone in Dayton, Ohio, after her husband’s passing. She went to church and lived a quiet life, speaking to at least one of her children nearly every day.

On the evening of May 26, 2004, her children couldn’t reach her, so her son Vernon went to check on her. The front door was open, which was very unusual. The living room was empty, but the television was left on. Vernon went into his mother’s bedroom, and found her in a pool of blood, lying on the floor next to her bed.

Home of Lillie Oglesby in 2004 at 4612 Genesee Ave. in Dayton, Ohio. Photo by Staff Writer at Dayton Daily News.

“She is not going to open that door for anyone that she does not know. That I know,” another son, Darryl Oglesby, told WHIO-TV7, about his cautious mother, who always locked her doors. Some of her children believe their mother either knew her killer or was tricked into opening the door.

The killer left DNA and fingerprints, and Det. Patricia Tackett of the Dayton Police Department told Dayton Daily News, in 2018, that the evidence was being resubmitted for testing. Det. Tackett was also interviewing potential witnesses who may not have wanted to talk at the time of the murder, hoping that passing time and changing circumstances might make them more willing to come forward.

Lillie’s children would like to know who is responsible for their loving mother’s brutal murder. It would bring them some peace and closure. If you have information, please call Det. Patricia Tackett at 937-333-7109.

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