Who Is the Dekalb County John Doe?

By Naptime Nancy

Someone out there is missing this little boy. According to law enforcement, he appeared to have been well taken care of prior to his death. So why was he found dead in the woods near a cemetery? On February 26th, 1999, the body of a young boy between the ages of approximately 4-8, was found near a cemetery on Clifton Springs Rd in Panthersville, GA. Medical examiners determined the boy had only been dead for a few months. He was 3’8”-4’2” in height, had black hair, wore red jeans (size 3), a blue plaid hoodie with dark blue solid sleeves and hood (size XL), and child size 11 Timberland boots.

A blank headstone marks a memorial for this unknown boy. Hopefully law enforcement were able to extract a DNA sample from this boy’s remains so that he can finally be identified through familial DNA via organizations such as DNADoeProject.org. If you have any information regarding the identity of this child please call Dekalb Medical Examiner (Georgia) 1-404-508-3500 or 1-800-THE-LOST.




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