Who Murdered The Math Teacher?

Written by Naptime Nancy 

Thirty eight year old mother of two, Faye Dollar.

On Saturday night, November 29th, 1980, Faye Dollar tucked her four year old and nine year old sons into bed. They recalled that their mother wore a red dress when she said goodnight. By Sunday morning, the boys awoke to discover that their mother and her gold 1972 Monte Carlo were nowhere to be found. The boys phoned their father, Donald Dollar, who was recently divorced from Faye, to tell him that their mother was missing. 

Come Monday morning, Faye had failed to show up to work. She was a math teacher at Feldwood High School in the College Park community of Atlanta, GA, and it was unheard of for her to call in sick, let alone not show up at all. Police sent out a nationwide BOLO (be on the look out) alert for Faye Dollar and her gold Monte Carlo, but the incorrect license number was given initially. 

The Admirable Benbow Inn in Atlanta, GA.

On Thursday evening of December 4th, 1980, Faye Dollar’s gold Monte Carlo was located in the parking lot of the Admiral Benbow Inn at 1470 Spring St in Atlanta. Tragically, Faye’s body was found curled up sans clothes in the trunk of her car. Her hair was set in curlers and she had been struck just behind her ear. A gold chain hung around her neck. According to the manager of the Admirable Benbow, Faye had not registered at the Inn and neither himself or security had seen her vehicle in the parking lot earlier that same day.


Top: Faye Dollar’s car found in the parking lot of the Admirable Benbow Inn on December 4th, 1980. 
Bottom: Photo of 1972 gold Chevrolet Monte Carlo in hopes to jog witness memories.

If you have any information regarding the murder of Faye Dollar, please contact Atlanta Police Department at (404) 614-6544. Please help bring answers and justice for Faye’s family at long last. 

For more information, visit:  https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ajc.com/news/local/see-atlanta-police-department-list-cold-homicide-cases/e80wGIT5A77k0MkDLIgBqM/amp.html

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5 thoughts on “Who Murdered The Math Teacher?

  • The ex-husband’s brother worked as a policeman. The code of blue was enforced. The Atlanta Police Department took this case as a joke. This lady’s family never got justice for this victim. I hear she fought like hell!!!~ there should be some DNA somewhere!

  • Ms Dollar was my Math teacher when she was murdered. Everyone thought her Husband did this (i still do). She was a great teacher and human being. I still remember that morning when we were told of her murder.

  • Mrs Dollar was my math teacher, too. What a great lady! I also believe that it was her husband…they were going thru a really nasty divorce.

  • My family would like closure on this cold case. Faye was my father’s baby sister. She has one sibling left with a host of nieces and nephews. The family wants this case solved. Any information is greatly appreciated.

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